Staff Turnover: Costs and Solutions


In this webinar, Erin Mitchell of IPCed, will discuss reasons for employee turnover, how to identify the actual costs of turnover, and how to reduce turnover by implementing an effective recruitment/retention program.

What you’ll learn:

  • The actual cost of hiring and training new care staff
  • Ways to reduce turnover that don’t increase payroll costs
  • What motivates caregivers and makes them want to stay
  • What de-motivates caregivers and makes them want to leave

About the Presenter:

Erin Mitchell, Director of Sales and Business Development at the Institute for Professional Care Education® and the Care and Compliance Group™. As a former manager of a Portland-based Senior Care Agency, Erin has hands-on experience helping in-home senior care companies develop training programs to meet state compliance, and creating training initiatives that improve caregiver skills and customer satisfaction.