Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Death and Taxes


Would you like a peek into the thoughts of a prominent attorney specializing in senior care on topics most pressing to today's provider?

Join us for this webinar where we'll ask Joel Goldman, Partner at HansonBridgett law firm in San Francisco to share with us what providers need to know to stay on top of today's top concerns.

Here's a sample of topics we'll cover:

Sex: When clients with dementia are sexually active how do you protect their rights and privacy without risking harm to others?

Drugs: The medical (and recreational) marijuana challenge - how do providers address this today?

Music: Cool facts about music and cognition

Death: New death with dignity laws are in effect in California or elsewhere. What do you need to know about these laws? How do you manage the legalities of this new law and your conscience?

Taxes: We'll throw any other questions you have into this bucket and see if we can stump our legal expert!

Hosted by Cynthia McDaniel, MSN, Lead Nurse Instructor for IPCed

About the Presenter:

Joel Goldman, Partner with HansonBridgett, has been a noted presenter at numerous conferences and seminars throughout the United States for senior care industry associations, legal organizations and university academic programs. Joel's practical approach to issues and vast experience with senior care communities also make him a popular presenter at in-house training programs for multi-facility providers. Joel is a founding member of the California Assisted Living Association and has served on its Board of Directors since its inception in 1994.