Quality Management
is not Rocket Science

On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, David Hahklotubbe (Hawk-low-tubby), Gerontologist and Executive Director of The Park Lane, in Monterey California, will share his theory and examples of proper implementation of quality management from prior to hire to becoming a disciple.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The introduction and application of Systems Theory as it relates to empowering personnel

  • Hiring for success, using counter-intuition as your guide

  • The elements and steps to a successful employee empowerment program

About the Presenter:

David Hahklotubbe (Hawk Low Tubby) is a Gerontologist and respected leader in the field of Aging. He is a provider of quality elder care services for close to two decades. In addition to his Masters in Gerontology, David holds a Bachelors in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a Bachelors in Sexology. He was an instructor in the M.A. program in Gerontology and Social Work at SFSU for 8 years. Additionally, David is the founder of two RCFEs in the Napa Valley providing care for those afflicted with Memory Impairments as well as hospice care. David is the Executive Director of Senior Resource Group's premier 231 apartment property The Park Lane, a high-end Independent, Assisted and Memory Care community in Monterey California. David is a published textbook contributor and has been a certified vendor/trainer for over 17 years.