Opioid Epidemic in Older Adults
What you need to know


Ripped from the headlines, we’ll be discussing the current opioid epidemic with our expert panelists. Specifically, we’ll explore:

  • When should you worry about pain medication becoming addicting?
  • How bad is the incidence of opioid abuse among senior adults?
  • Do pain medications have different effects on older adults than younger adults? What should you watch for in clients, employees and others?
  • What is the current best treatment for opioid addiction? What’s the success rate?

About the Presenters:

Sharon BrothersSharon Brothers, MSW brings her years of experience in senior care services to her passion as the founder and CEO of the Institute for Professional Care Education®. Sharon has an advanced degree in social work and leadership experience in multi-state assisted living corporations. She has been a developer, owner and operator of dementia care assisted living communities and has deep expertise as an educator for all levels of staff within the care profession.