The Four R's of Senior Care: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals & Regulations


Four strategies to start your business year off right: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations.

Join Dave Spacek, Training and Family Learning Center Specialist for the Institute of Professional Care Education (IPCed), as he discusses these four keys to a building a successful care business.

  • Retention - practical ways to improve employee engagement and retention
  • Recruiting - innovative methods you can use to become the employer of choice in your market and recruit the best talent
  • Referrals - “On the Street” techniques for building your referral network
  • Regulations - tools to manage regulatory training compliance, especially in a rapidly changing landscape of laws and requirements.

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About the Presenter:

Dave Spacek has over 20 years of experience in hiring, developing, and leading effective teams. His career path changed dramatically after his mother was diagnosed with dementia. Dave's journey led to IPCed as a Training and Family Learning Center Specialist. His passion for Senior Care coupled with his marketing expertise is making a difference for his clients. He prides himself for delivering a high level of professionalism, advocacy and integrity.