Finish 2016 Strong – Marketing Strategies to Increase your Referrals, Census & Profits!


Marketing your senior care business can sometimes be a tough hurdle to jump. You go to referral source after referral source only to get turned away again and again.

Join Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss as he shows you highly effective marketing techniques for GROWING your senior care business. The strategies are simple and easy to apply. You will discover how to finish the year strong and keep the momentum going into 2017.

We have put this special webinar together because we care about your success and want you to know the real life tactics that will help you to increase your bottom line.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where to go to get referrals
  • How to create partnerships and leverage the relationships to get inside the qualified accounts

About the Presenter:

Steve "The Hurricane" Weiss is the founder and president of Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. He is a Motivational Speaker, Business Seminar Leader, and Consultant/Coach to clients across the country. His programs and presentations have helped thousands of individuals have record breaking results in acquiring referrals, new patient admissions, revenues, and profits!