Changing Behaviors – Tips and Techniques

On-Demand Webinar

If your organization is serious about entering into disease management focused care you need to learn a framework for behavior change. Clients with diabetes, for example, may need to change long-term behaviors to really change their wellness outcomes and avoid severe medical complications.

In this webinar, educators and public health expert Sarah Walker will share a framework for change-focused client conversations called “Motivational Interviewing” (MI).

You will learn:

  • The general principles of Motivational Interviewing and how to use this with clients living with chronic health conditions.
  • How to equip yourself and your team members with the tools to develop and build on effective counseling skills.
  • How to effectively use of Motivational Interviewing Skills.

About the Presenter:

Sarah Walker received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Emory University in Atlanta and a Master of Public Health from Boston University. Sarah has worked as a Communications Coordinator for a children’s malnutrition project in Guatemala, and as an Epidemiologist and Public Health Liaison in Georgia. She created the disaster preparedness plan for an 18-county Georgia health district and received the first-ever national accreditation for public health preparedness.

Sarah has since moved to the west coast and developed the Epidemiology Center for California American Indians. Recently, Sarah worked on the "Adverse Surgical Events Project" at University of California Davis Health System and is now a Program Manager for the Community Health project with Rogue Community College.