A Cheerful Approach to Dementia Care Is Good Business

On-Demand Webinar

A recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association (Facts and Figures Pg 23) estimates that the number of persons living with Alzheimer’s disease will increase 40% over the next decade.

Home Care providers will be working with more and more clients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia as the number of older Americans grows. Is your staff trained?

Learn how to create a memorable memory care program that uses social history, life stories, and innovative resources. David and Kathy share methods that engage both clients and employees… resulting in increased caregiver/client satisfaction and greater demand for your company’s services.

You can best serve the interests of your clients, client’s families, and caregivers, by providing ways for everyone to play a role in successful activities that are both fun and meaningful.

Bring out the best in your clients and bring out the best in your care teams!

About the Presenters:

David TroxelDavid Troxel is an internationally known expert in Alzheimer’s disease and memory care. An informative and engaging speaker, David holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from Rutgers Medical School (now UMDNJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School). During his 25 years in the field, he has also served as an Executive Board member of the American Public Health Association and a member of the Ethics Advisory Panel for the Alzheimer’s Association. David has co-authored five influential books (most notably, The Best Friends™ Approach to Alzheimer’s Care) related to Alzheimer’s disease care and staff development.

David’s “Best Friends Approach” is built on a seemingly simple premise: what people living with memory loss need most is a friend – a best friend. David teaches caregivers how to understand and fulfill this “Best Friends” role, including special caregiving techniques and tools. He and his co-author Virginia Bell believe it is possible to make people with Alzheimer’s disease feel safe, secure and valued—to help them live with dignity. They are committed to bettering the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease by equipping family members and caregivers with “the knack” of providing quality care with ease.

David lives in Sacramento, California, and works as a writer, speaker and consultant.
You can learn more at http://BestFriendsApproach.com.

Kathy LaurenhueKathy Laurenhue’s company, Wiser Now, Inc., is a multi-media publishing and staff development company focused on wellbeing in aging that aims to be practical and lighthearted in everything it produces. The means that a course on continence care for people with dementia began by noting, “We can’t be anal about this.”

As the creator of hundreds of brain-stimulating activities, Kathy focuses on connecting people. She figures it’s more fun and more conducive to lively conversation to write a trivia quiz on the history of beer than the geology of Georgia.

On the practical side, Wiser Now provides online courses, webinars and other consulting services to a variety of clients in the U.S. and Australia. Kathy is the author of three books, including a companion set on Alzheimer’s disease, and her brain-maintaining writing includes more than 75 titles for MindPlay Connections™. Those titles are theme-based, downloadable, printable files of trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics, and imaginative/ reminiscence exercises that can be adapted into multiple formats.

Learn more at http://www.WiserNow.com.