Our Story

The History of IPCed

We were owners and operators of assisted living communities in two states: Oregon and California. Every day we dealt with staff turnover, hard to please licensing surveyors, challenging families and attorneys looking for a reason to sue us. We needed to train not only our administrators and managers, but also every single one of our care staff to provide care the way we wanted it, every minute of every day.

We needed to get new staff ready to hit the ground running fast; to meet the needs of the most challenging resident, while being sensitive to the experiences of families and guests.We looked for workshops to send staff to and for trainers to bring into the communities.We needed to train for skills and an understanding heart. We also needed to test for competency, and provide documentation of every bit of our training.

In the end, we decided to build an e-learning company to do exactly that. This would be an e-learning company that would save time and money. It would train managers and administrators without forcing them to take precious time away from their buildings and team. It would train staff to provide compassionate, quality care to every single resident, every single day.

It would be so much more than just cartoon characters and quick “no-brainer” quizzes. It would be fun and interesting, but most importantly it would train the hearts of the team instead of just giving them facts to learn.

In the end, we sold our assisted living communities to be able to focus all of our efforts and energies on this company.

We hired a team of educators, technology experts and course developers who know how to train the whole person, creatively and effectively, harnessing the incredible power of the Internet.

We’ve been where you are today: searching for tools to build a company that is successful in meeting its mission and its bottom line goals.

We can offer you a world-class solution to your training needs. We can do it affordably, and effectively. We know what you’re looking for.


Sharon K. Brothers, MSW

Chief Executive Officer