Transforming Your Organization to Meet the Changes in Health Care Today (and Tomorrow)

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The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, with more changes guaranteed to come. Is your organization prepared to thrive with these changes, rather than just react? Are you positioning your organization to take advantages of changes that can help you grow beyond your current scope? Join Sheri Peifer, Senior VP and Chief Strategy Officer of Eskaton Corporation for this thought-provoking and idea-generating webinar.

In this webinar Eskaton's Chief Strategy Officer Sheri Peifer will tell you how to transform your organization to meet current and coming changes in health care.

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About the Presenter:

Sheri Peifer is Eskaton's Chief Strategy Officer. Her role focuses on business development, developing and monitoring the organizational strategic roadmap and expanding Eskaton’s home support network. Initiating new models of housing and service-delivery with aligned partners are primary initiatives in this role, as well as identifying meaningful technologies that complement Eskaton’s vision. Peifer has held numerous operational, leadership and consultant positions within the aging services field and has worked in the private, public and nonprofit sectors throughout the country. She holds a M.S. degree in gerontology and education from California State University, Sacramento.