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Cultural Competency and Caring for Seniors

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As our communities and workplaces become increasingly diverse, an understanding of culture and its effect on communication and conflict is more important than ever. Participants in this one-hour webinar will:

  • Understand the definition and meaning of culture
  • Explore how our cultural values, perspectives and beliefs affect our actions and perceptions
  • Learn skills for managing conflicts across cultures

Malaysian-born Lillian Tsai is a sought-after speaker, cross-cultural competency trainer, facilitator, coach, and award-winning consultant. Her work in diversity and inclusion, team interventions, cross-cultural competency and culturally competent healthcare has contributed significantly to effecting change in global and local organizations.

Ms. Tsai has worked with numerous consumer and manufacturing industries as well as academia, healthcare, non-profits, law enforcement, and government/public agencies at the city, county, state and federal levels.

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