Training is as Important as Pay? Just ask the Family!


Every family who has hired an in-home caregiver can relate to Rosanna Fay’s experience

I wrote about this article a couple years ago, but as it is National Family Caregiver’s Month, I thought appropriate to bring it up again.

In the San Jose Mercury article, Fay shares her belief that while pay is important for caregivers, knowing that they are trained and have a professional standard to meet is even more important to families.

Risking abuse, poor care and medical missteps – often out of ignorance – families don’t have any assurance that the caregiver they hire will be prepared.  Without training standards for both new caregivers and ongoing standards for professional growth and development for existing caregivers, families are left in the dark about the qualifications of the person they hire.

Savvy home care providers are moving ahead of regulations, however.  They’re providing certification and ongoing training to every caregiver and letting families know what they’re doing.  It’s just smart business – and a huge relief to families.

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