Training Compliance in 2014


I’ve always said that when it comes to compliance, a smart operator has just one goal: don’t get noticed.

I know this goes against our basic marketing instinct, where we want everyone in the world to know about our programs and services.  We want to be noticed.  In a perfect world, everyone would know the name of our company and exactly what we do.

But not in the world of compliance.  Being well known in that context is rarely a good thing.  After all, who gets on the front page of the newspaper because they’ve had a perfect survey?  I’m not saying you shouldn’t get that attention; just that you probably never will.  Good news is, unfortunately, rarely big news.

But really miss the mark in compliance and you could find your business name splashed all over the front page.  If you’re really unlucky, you could even get some unwanted attention on TV shows like Frontline.  Of course that may have nothing to do with compliance and everything to do with being a really big target, but we’ll leave that discussion to other folks for now.

When it comes to training compliance, the goals are pretty basic.  Make sure that every employee, in every location, on every shift has completed the required training within the required training period.  That’s the basic foundational level goal.  Easy to say – not always easy to accomplish!

Once you’ve got that down, however, there are additional levels of training compliance that are less clearly spelled out.  These are the compliance levels that keep you out of the news and out of the spotlight in a negative way.

Consider the risk of the nursing facility in Canada that just experienced a horrific fire, with multiple losses of life.  No doubt the staff, residents and family members are consumed with grief right now.

And no doubt, either, that the wrongful death attorneys are circling, preparing to hit the owners hard with serious litigation.

Imagine the outcome if the owners can only demonstrate training for a small portion of staff, and no one on that particular shift receiving training.  Pretty bleak.  Now consider being able to demonstrate that every employee, every shift has had training in the last quarter on fire emergencies.  As an owner I’d feel just a little less bleak and just a little more positive in outlook.

Falls, accidents and injuries happen in real life.  Fires, tragically, happen in real life, too.  Training used as a preventative measure can help you prevent high-risk situations and can also help you respond to real-life incidents.

Want to learn more about ways to reduce your risk and go beyond basic compliance this year?  Join me for a webinar coming up this week – sign up on our website, or contact one of our training specialists for information on improving your training compliance and reducing risk all around.  It’s well worth your one hour investment of time!

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