Family Caregivers Can Find Relief from Stress

Family Caregivers Can Find Relief from Stress

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  As National Family Caregiver Month comes to an end, I wanted to talk about something we can all relate to. If you’re like most family caregivers you are likely stressed, overworked, over-scheduled, exhausted and lonely.  You might feel like you’re all alone, doing a job that’s just too big, with no one cheering you… Read more »

Family Caregivers need more from YOU!

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  As this is National Caregivers’ Month, it’s time that you support your local family caregivers with training resources today. Earlier in May this year, AARP ran a blog titled “More can be done to support family caregivers.”  In the blog, AARP executive Nancy LeaMond told the story of Ann, a woman who became an unexpected caregiver for her husband… Read more »

IPCed Celebrates National Family Caregiver Month

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  The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) announced plans to celebrate November 2016 as National Family Caregiver Month. Marked by President Barack Obama’s proclamation, National Family Caregiver Month reaffirms “support for those who give of themselves to be there for their family, friends, and neighbors in challenging times.” It is also a time to… Read more »

Caregivers Don’t Need To Go It Alone

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  Some days you know that you should just sit down and shut up, because someone else can express exactly what you’re thinking, but in a much clearer way. That’s how I felt today when I came across Jonathan Rauch’s article, Letting Go of My Father, in an archived article from the Atlantic Magazine. Although… Read more »

Amp up your Referrals by Listening to Families

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  For many years I had the privilege of facilitating a family support group for individuals caring for a loved one with dementia.  Because the group was sponsored by a local community hospital, group members were loyal and very involved, year after year. Over the course of several years, we welcomed individuals into the group… Read more »