Amp up your Referrals by Listening to Families

Amp up your Referrals by Listening to Families

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  For many years I had the privilege of facilitating a family support group for individuals caring for a loved one with dementia.  Because the group was sponsored by a local community hospital, group members were loyal and very involved, year after year. Over the course of several years, we welcomed individuals into the group… Read more »

Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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  Today, June 15, is Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  According to the Administration on Aging, this day was initiated in 2006 as a day for communities throughout the world to raise awareness of this issue and its effects on the individuals involved. In the world of senior care, elder abuse is something we think about frequently. … Read more »

Family Caregivers need more from YOU!

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  Support your local family caregivers with training resources today Recently, AARP ran a blog titled “More can be done to support family caregivers.”  In the blog, AARP executive Nancy LeaMond told the story of Ann, a woman who became an unexpected caregiver for her husband following a massive stroke.

Senior care at home: reducing or adding to cost?

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  Recently the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, declared that he wanted to move several thousands of individuals covered by Medicaid fund from nursing home environments into home care. Read Article… He determined the savings could add up to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It’s a potential win for the individuals who may… Read more »

The real reason for regulation changes

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  Someone asked me at a presentation recently, “I know our training requirements have doubled in the past year.  What I don’t know is why.” Some questions I get are pretty tough.  This one wasn’t. Regulations are increasing because consumers want more.  They want the person providing care to their family member to have more… Read more »

Training is as important as pay? Just ask the family!

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Every family who has hired an in-home caregiver can relate to Rosanna Fay’s experience, recently shared in an insightful and articulate opinion article shared through the San Jose Mercury News.  Fay shares her belief that while pay is important for caregivers, knowing that they are trained and have a professional standard to meet is even… Read more »