7 Action Strategies to Build your Dream Team

Give the Gift of Caregiver Training

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  I always enjoy those articles that appear in the paper or in magazines this time of year on the topic of “holiday tip guides for the people in your life.”  There are guidelines for holiday giving for your babysitter, nanny, hairdresser, dog groomer, doorman and delivery people.  I’ve read some that suggest that the… Read more »

Training and Employee Engagement

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  We’ve been talking about employee engagement here quite a bit lately.  You may have listened in on our webinar on June 16 on that topic, presented by two of the best “engagement specialists” on our team here at IPCed. You’ve probably heard me talk about how much engaged employees improve your overall satisfaction ratings… Read more »

Thoughts on building your dream team

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  Do you want to have the best year ever?  Now is the time to focus on the one key to your success:  building your 2016 Dream Team! If you’re like me, you know the difference having the right people in the right positions in your company can make.  I can certainly tell you the… Read more »

Training videos and bigger brains

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Reading through my daily news updates, this lead sentence caught my eye:  “People learning a new skill might pick it up more quickly by watching videos of other people performing the same task, a small new study suggests.”  This story, published online in the February 18, 2014 edition of HealthDay News was reposted on WebMd,… Read more »