Elder Abuse Alert: What providers need to know in 2017

The 4R’s of Senior Care: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations

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  The 4R’s: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations are truly the pillars of Senior Care. As we examine each “R”, I will do my best to give you practical insights. Some ideas that you can ponder and others ideas that you implement right away. As you may know, my background was in hospitality, hotel management,… Read more »

The real reason for regulation changes

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  Someone asked me at a presentation recently, “I know our training requirements have doubled in the past year.  What I don’t know is why.” Some questions I get are pretty tough.  This one wasn’t. Regulations are increasing because consumers want more.  They want the person providing care to their family member to have more… Read more »

No more excuses in 2016

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  You may have received a postcard in the mail from us with a comic book look and a commonly-heard excuse on the front.  These are excuses why people aren’t in training compliance today. We’ve got some important news for you. Excuses won’t work…when licensing comes around to investigate a compliant from that employee who… Read more »

Training Compliance in 2014

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I’ve always said that when it comes to compliance, a smart operator has just one goal: don’t get noticed. I know this goes against our basic marketing instinct, where we want everyone in the world to know about our programs and services.  We want to be noticed.  In a perfect world, everyone would know the… Read more »