7 Action Strategies to Build your Dream Team

The 4R’s of Senior Care: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations

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  The 4R’s: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations are truly the pillars of Senior Care. As we examine each “R”, I will do my best to give you practical insights. Some ideas that you can ponder and others ideas that you implement right away. As you may know, my background was in hospitality, hotel management,… Read more »

Does minimum wage increase mean minimum margins for you?

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  The big headline news in my part of the country recently was this: “It’s Official: [Governor] Kate Brown signs minimum wage bill for $14.75 for Portland. Read News Article… If your employees are like mine, they’re all excited about the raise coming to them immediately (they read the headlines only). In reality, this increase… Read more »

Training is as important as pay? Just ask the family!

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Every family who has hired an in-home caregiver can relate to Rosanna Fay’s experience, recently shared in an insightful and articulate opinion article shared through the San Jose Mercury News.  Fay shares her belief that while pay is important for caregivers, knowing that they are trained and have a professional standard to meet is even… Read more »