Reading Recommendation for Today: Who are we training and why?

Ever wonder who is attracted to your offers of training for work in the caring profession – and why?

Here’s a story published in The Washington Post that begins to answer that question, in a vivid, easy-to-read manner (my favorite kind of story).

Perhaps, like Tereza, the person who responds to your offer to provide caregiver training is at the end of her rope, financially and emotionally.  Perhaps she is looking for a way to get “something good to happen.”

Perhaps, like another class participant, he notices that “the only job openings I saw were in this.”

Initially, training to become a nursing assistant, home health aide or caregiver may look like a way to attract only those who have few other options, but in reality this is the first stepping stone to the fast growing job, in the strongest industry in the country – healthcare.

In this author’s view, however, the story ends on a sour note: “In 2014, the fastest-growing job was the hardest, and the place of opportunity was in fact the place of last resort.”

But there’s more to the story than this.

There’s the story of the nursing assistant that found she loved her clients dearly; that they provided the most meaning her life had ever had.

There’s the story of the person who thrived in the healthcare environment, quickly adding to her skills and education until she became a leader – maybe a nurse or maybe an Administrator.

There’s the story of the person who, like Tereza, had never had a positive learning or work experience but suddenly found this was something she could do; something at which she could excel.  She could learn and gain new skills in a profession, and in a workplace, that seemed to truly value her.

It’s up to us to make the process of training something that gives each student new to this profession a chance to build quality care skills and to discover that they can learn; they can contribute; they can make a difference.

As we say at IPCed in our course development team, we want to give every learner a clear, compelling message:  “If you KNOW these things, and you DO these things, you WILL make a difference in the lives of the persons in your care.”

You’ll make a difference in your own life, too.  Maybe, at first, it will be a very small difference, for a very low wage.  Ultimately, it can mean a new profession that is richly rewarding and financially stable, too.

I started there; maybe you did too.  I know: It CAN be a place of opportunity.

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