New Patient Health Navigator and Community Health Worker Training

The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed), an Oregon based company that provides healthcare training, both online and through DVD and print resources throughout the U.S. and Canada, announced the launch of two new training programs. The Patient Health Navigator and the Community Health Worker training programs are both designed to help healthcare organizations better meet the goals of healthcare reform through a focus on supporting and improving individual health literacy and behavior.

The Patient Health Navigator training program is an 80 hour fully online course, newly approved by Oregon Health Authority as an initial training program for use by Coordinated Care Organizations and others throughout the state. IPCed provides an instructor who supports online students throughout the program and who evaluates two Student Directed Projects which are required for program completion. IPCed is currently providing this training program to employees of Oregon hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

The Community Health Worker training program is also newly approved by the Oregon Health Authority and combines a 50 hour foundational online program with a 30 hour instructor-led classroom component. IPCed provides a complete Instructor Guide to training partners giving them all the tools they need to conduct the classroom component and prepare workers for positions in Community Health. IPCed is currently partnering with Oregon community colleges to offer this course throughout the state.

Both training programs were developed in part with funds provided to Southwestern Oregon Community College through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Grant No. T51HP20698. This is a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity program. Although some state approvals may be required, these training programs are available for use throughout the U.S.

“These programs reflect some of our core educational philosophies,” says Sharon K. Brothers, MSW, CEO of IPCed. “Through online and blended training programs, together with our training partners like health care systems and colleges we are able to reach individuals who otherwise could not access these programs or enter these careers. We’re also able to provide high quality, robust training programs that optimize the use of scare instructional resources, especially in more remote, rural areas.”

The Institute for Professional Care Education is a national training and certification company focusing exclusively on healthcare and caregiving education. The company includes the widely utilized aQuire Training Solutions division of online courses, Medifecta Healthcare Training for DVD and instructor resources and for nationally accredited continuing education courses for leadership level professionals in the field.

IPCed also offers blended nursing assistant (CNA) initial and continuing education training courses, Home Health Aide initial and continuing education training and a wide range of caregiver training programs designed to meet state requirements throughout the U.S.

“The combination of a shrinking workforce and an aging population is creating a massive demand for high quality, affordable and accessible training programs” notes Brothers. “Our company’s singular focus is on providing these training programs to employers and through training partners like community colleges to ensure that a well-trained workforce exists to meet present and future needs.”

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  1. Nightingales Autumn

    Its really very appreciating that you guys are providing these training sessions, as now more n more people are preferring to have caregivers at their home only for their elders.
    And there are very few organizations who are full fleshed trained and applying those methods.


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