More Regulations Coming to Assisted Living industry

The California legislature, in part responding to recent media expose’s in assisted living will be considering – and likely passing – a wide range of new regulations for assisted living communities in California.

Aligned with our mission and focus here at IPCed are proposals for increased training requirements, coming both for legislators and from the leading industry trade association (CALA). One comment made by an advocate harkens back to a successful referendum campaign fought in WA state, which resulted in caregivers in that state becoming some of the most highly trained in the nation.

As the sponsoring senator commented, care in assisted living is increasingly a personal issue rather than an abstract societal concern. As more of us experience a need for immediate family members to receive care, we are appropriately asking, “How is that caregiver trained? How is she qualified?”

IPCed’s range of training programs make it easy for caregivers to be trained at increasingly higher standards. Online education removes many of the time/place training barriers, increasing efficiencies and affordability of more advanced training, too. DVD training options work better for some individuals and organizations. With over 40 hours of dementia specific training courses and certificate programs, IPCed offers tools to help caregivers bring quality of life to those families experiencing one of the most devastating – and common – diseases associated with aging.

Assisted living has long been the least regulated of long term care solutions. With states like California leading the way in new regulations, this is soon to change – with positive outcomes for consumers, certainly in the area of training.

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