Indiana: Training to prevent elder/adult abuse


Elder abuse may not be a crisis in the U.S. today, but in a rapidly aging society it has the potential to become one.

Training caregivers to understand what constitutes abuse and what to do if they suspect it happening is key – and required – in nearly every state.  It’s training that is essential to building a quality caregiving workforce, and to getting more trained eyes on some of our most vulnerable citizens.

PHI, a non-profit direct care worker advocacy organization recently announced a program to work with the Indiana State Department of Health to reduce this problem in the state’s nursing homes.  PHI has made available an excellent series of training tools for instructor led training on this topic – a much needed resource.

Some organizations may want to combine instructor-led training with online training that is accessible anytime, anywhere.  Giving employees the option to take training in a self-directed way can be a life-saver in operations that have 24/7 staff or that have multiple locations.  It can save money, too, as it often avoids overtime pay for training off shift.

Check out the online training options as well as the DVD we offer on this important topic – it’s training that’s needed by everyone in senior care.

One Response to “Indiana: Training to prevent elder/adult abuse”

  1. St. Anthony Health Care

    This is a very important read to the health care industry. If we can stop a problem before it starts we are better off. Great info!


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