In the News: Caregivers are among fastest growing jobs in the U.S.

Does it surprise you to know that caregiving jobs, especially those for home caregivers like personal care aides and home health aides are projected to be the top career growth fields in the next few years?  With an aging society, the demand for caregivers is expected to grow nearly 50%.  With an aging workforce, the need for new individuals to enter this field will grow even more.

If you’re a provider of caregiving services you may already be filling the pinch.  Last week, a recruiter of one of the largest home care agencies in our area stopped by asking for our help in finding qualified caregivers.  Their pitch?  “We’ll train you – we just need people with experience, even if that experience is helping care for your grandma.”

Note that they offer training – that’s an excellent way to start the conversation.  In my experience, people who have been family caregivers often find it so rewarding that they begin looking for jobs as professional caregivers.  They have some experience, but they lack the training to tackle multiple clients and bring a professional skill set to the table.  Offer them some pre-work training and an opportunity to learn and grow throughout the year and you may find a way to build a great, compassionate caregiver team.

Regardless of your current experience with hiring and finding qualified people, don’t let the coming worker shortage catch you by surprise!


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