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I always enjoy those articles that appear in the paper or in magazines this time of year on the topic of “holiday tip guides for the people in your life.”  There are guidelines for holiday giving for your babysitter, nanny, hairdresser, dog groomer, doorman and delivery people.  I’ve read some that suggest that the gift should be equal to what you pay in a typical month, adding up to a holiday tip budget that’s larger than my entire Christmas gifting budget, family and friends combined.

While I’m not much into prescribed gifting, I do love the ability at the holidays to give small, meaningful gifts to special people in my life.  It feels good and it makes me smile as much as them – sometimes more!

Some of the special people in my life are the people who work for our business, diligently focusing on their part in the overall mission of our company, day after day.  Recognizing them for how special they are to the business – and to me – is one of the most enjoyable parts of this season.

I also think of those people who work tirelessly, and often with little thanks or recognition, caring for others.  What a difference a little recognition and appreciation would mean in their lives!

Lately we’ve seen a number of caregivers who have taken advantage of the access they’ve been given, courtesy of their employers, to a huge library of online courses.  Some have completed their required courses, and then continued on to another 10, 20, or even 100 hours of learning.  Gail Jeter, a caregiver with Visiting Angels in Cincinnati, OH, completed every single online course in our caregiver library – all on her own time.

Betty Bibb, the Home Care Association of America “Caregiver of the Year” for 2016, told me that, at age 77, she hoped to never stop learning.  We gave her a laptop and a complimentary 1-year access to our caregiver online course library, and Betty dove right in with no technology fear at all.  “I am overwhelmed at the awesome laptop and the gift of a year of Caregiver Online Training,” says Betty.  “How I am looking forward to beginning to learn so I can train others as I perfect this wonderful knowledge!”

Giving your caregiving team the gift of access to personal growth and development, skills and knowledge building – to learning and growing – is an awesome gift.  And the cost, for an entire year, is probably less than that Starbucks gift card you were planning to buy them.  Check it out now!

Just like all good gift giving, you’ll get the reward, too.  Our clients see, on average, less than half the turnover that’s the industry norm.  They see stronger relationships with their referral sources, happier clients and better, healthier business growth, too.

For families in your community and among your clients, how about the gift of the Family Learning Center?  It’s a gift that will bring you month after month of rewards in the form of a stronger tie to your families and a legion of people who say, “I can’t imagine my life without your agency and the caregivers you provide.”

Happy Holidays – let the giving begin!

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