Getting your Team onboard the e-learning Train

Are you new to online training?  Maybe not you, personally, but maybe your organization is one of the hundreds that are moving from traditional inservice training (you know the style:  offer food to get them there, try to keep their attention for an hour, reward them with a paycheck at the end) to an online training system.

The advantages of moving online are crystal clear:  you save tons of time in paperwork and record-keeping; your team members access what you’ve assigned them based on their roles, client assignments or personal growth needs.  Everyone wins while you save money and improve the quality of your workforce.  Oh, and there’s the whole huge win in reduced turnover which is the reason more and more folks are dialing our number daily.  Lose your best caregivers and your reputation will soon follow…right out the door.

So you’ve decided to join the movement to online.  How do you get your entire team on board?  How do you get them excited about this new training program?

If you’re smart you’ll do a whole lot more than just make assignments.  You’ll strategize a roll-our approach that will get people thinking the whole online training program was their idea, or at least was one of your better ideas for bringing them more benefits and tools to advance.

There’s a great article in the Business to Community website titled “Marketing your eLearning Initiative:  Finding Your Champions.”

In this article the author, an e-learning professional, shares tips and suggestions for getting everyone on the e-learning train by identifying and rewarding those on your team who can become champions – cheerleaders, really – for the whole process.

Just like in high school, the author remarks, employee groups tend to follow leaders.  They look to see what the “popular kids” – in the workplace, the employees who have solid connections with the most other workers – are doing.  With some great role leadership, the entire team can more quickly and enthusiastically embrace change and become excited about the new opportunities that online training presents to them.

Key activation strategies for your new champions?

  • Involve champions early in your eleaming program rollout
  • Have champions demonstrate the learning management system and courses
  • Include champion testimonials and stories in your marketing
  • Encourage champions to share objectives and benefits of elearning with new hires.”

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