Family Caregivers need more from YOU!


As this is National Caregivers’ Month, it’s time that you support your local family caregivers with training resources today.

Earlier in May this year, AARP ran a blog titled “More can be done to support family caregivers.”  In the blog, AARP executive Nancy LeaMond told the story of Ann, a woman who became an unexpected caregiver for her husband following a massive stroke.

Ann is just one of over 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. today, nearly all of whom don’t get enough support.  You have probably heard me say that over 90% of all caregiving services today are provided by family members.

That means if you’re a professional senior care organization, you – and all your colleagues providing care to seniors in your service area – are only serving 10% of the caregiving needs.  Families are doing the rest.

Families are doing the work like Ann, who must find out about community resources, hire and manage home care aides, navigate a complex health system and enlist family and friends to help so she can get a break, too.

As senior care professionals, we can do more to support Ann and other like her.  We can offer them helpful tips on caregiving at home, classes in the basics of caregiving and support for the emotional toll caregiving takes on the entire family.

In doing so, we’re connecting with families who will probably need us at some point in time, too.  It’s the classic case of doing something that genuinely helps others, and helps us grow our business at the same time – doing well by doing good.

Learn more about IPCed’s tools to help family caregivers while you grow your business using the Family Learning Center®.  Curious the quality of education, you can gain through a Family Learning Center? Download some key education material, designed exclusively for patient education

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