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Today I’m sending a shout-out to Julie DelCour, a journalist for the Tulsa World who wrote an article published March 16, 2014 titled “An army of caregivers with no basic training.”

DelCour points out that Oklahoma has over 600,000 family caregivers, which is more than the entire active-duty US army.

Fortunately for these caregivers in Oklahoma, the legislature has not only recognized how unprepared most are for this task, and consequently how stressful it is for them, but has also determined to do something to change that fact.

Senate Bill 1536 is making its way through the Oklahoma legislature and appears poised to pass.  It addresses caregivers who “provide after-care assistance to a patient residing in their own home” and requires that hospitals give patients the opportunity to designate a caregiver, and to provide information and education to that caregiver regarding the patient’s post-discharge care.

Involving a family caregiver in the post-discharge plan for a patient just makes good sense.

Recognizing the value of training for the family caregiver is even more crucial as we look to a future where we’ll need every family caregiver as involved as possible to avoid a system over-load.

IPCed is working hard to support the work of both professional and family caregivers.  Our Family Learning Center, offered by our subscribing customers to the families in their circle of influence, is a great way to support caregivers throughout the country, offering them training when they need it on some of the most challenging topics, ranging from basic caregiving skills to caring for a challenging loved one with dementia.

As one of our customers, Eric Pumfery from Home Sweet Home In-Home Care in southern Michigan told me just the other day, “People absolutely love this awesome family learning center.”  Eric uses this add-on to his subscription for his professional caregiving team to strengthen his relationship with clients and prospective clients in his service area as well as connect with referral sources through the area.

How can you help support family caregivers?  Whether you’re in Oklahoma, soon to have more formal channels to support caregivers after a family member’s hospitalization, or elsewhere in the U.S. looking to connect with and support family caregivers, we’re on your side!

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  1. Sonia Moorehead

    I am glad that reading this blog gives me idea to have a chance taking care of the elder’s. This is a great chance to become a good Elderly Home Care in the future. I hope to read more updates, Congrats!


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