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It’s about time for some good news about the incidence of dementia in the U.S.  If you’ve been following this, you know that the projections for the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. are staggering.  The Alzheimer’s Association projects more than 13.8 million senior adults to have this diagnosis by 2050 – nearly three times the current population of affected individuals.

My previous business partner would call this “job security” for all of our memory care providers, but we know that behind the business considerations of need and service, there are real people – real families – who suffer from the loss of dignity, relationships, independence and so much more.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new study, published February 11th in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that the incidence of dementia (especially that caused by things other than Alzheimer’s disease) may actually be dropping in elders, with fewer people developing dementia and those that do developing it later in life. Read more:


http://www.aol.com/article/2016/02/11/dementia-rate-fell-44-percent-since-late-1970s-framingham-study/21310973/ .

Researchers found that education and improved cardiovascular health are having a positive effect on Americans, offering even more hope to those of us in smack in the middle of the boomer generation.

For years I’ve focused on getting my heart rate up through vigorous walking, hiking and even running, all in the belief that what’s good for the heart has to also be good for the brain.  When families have asked, “What can I do to reduce my own risk of developing this disease?” I’ve recommended the basics:  staying mentally and physically active, watching your nutrition closely and keeping connected with other people.

It seems we have evidence that at least a part of this formula is spot on – an exciting development for all of us in health and senior care.

So instead of lunch today, take a brisk walk and save your heart and your brain!


6 Responses to “Exciting news about dementia”

  1. Sonia P Garcia

    Thank you for the info.
    Caregivers face the challenge that famikies and Doctors do not want medicines but risky behaviors are exhibited and interfere with daily care.

  2. velma Scott

    As someone that works directly in the industry this is a welcoming news and thanks for the information

  3. Bess Carnahan

    I recently saw a study that showed Alzheimer’s may be linked to medicines used
    for relief from acid reflux. It is exciting that this disease is receiving the attention long overdue.

  4. Barbara Brewer

    I read last year that Australian doctors have had Alzheimer’s “tangles” completely disappear and mental function return to pre-Alzheimer’s disease in mice treated with what they called INEXPENSIVE ultra-sound treatments. Since that is not invasive or damaging, and thousands of ultra sound machines, with adjustable frequency ability, are installed all over the world, I am anxious to learn that the FDA has quickly approved the use of ultra-sound treatments on humans. The Australian doctors have determined the effective frequency and reported that current machines will do the job. SO the cost SHOULDN’T be anymore expensive than current ultra sounds of the head. and SHOULD be available to everyone almost immedidately. I have been told that big pharma and senior physicians and dementia care providers will fight this for decades and FDA won’t approve it because of big payoffs. I’m about ready to go to Australia, where research is being done on humans already. Baby Boomers, especially, should start flooding mail boxes and pounding desks to get this treatment approved. It won’t hurt anything, if it isn’t as effective on humans. Many will die while they mess around passing approval of this. Maybe that’s what they want. I know powers that be want the senior population and cost of maintaining it to decrease, to save money. I urge everyone to call, write, demand that this treatment be available to Americans NOW>


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