Complex Family Caregiver Challenges — and Ready Solutions


A colleague sent me a link to this excellent article today and I wanted to pass it on – it’s a great window into the psychosocial challenges family caregivers face, in addition to the daunting tasks that often face the caregiver.  So many times I’ve talked with families about the value of their emotional role and relationship with the person in their care, and how necessary it is for them to safeguard that role and not let tasks take over their time.  Anyone, including paid caregivers, can do the tasks (often easier, in fact), but no one can take their place in the person’s heart.

If you work with family caregivers, the insight in this article may help you better understand some of the challenges they face, as well as some ready solutions.  Of course, the top solution is one I love – and talk about daily: “Attend classes and training courses to learn new skills.”

You’ve heard it from me before, but let me say it again:  Be the person who offers this in your community.  We can help – here are my two favorite ways:

Family Learning Center – an online resource you can offer – free of charge – to families in your community.  You simply pay a low monthly sponsorship fee and it’s yours to offer to anyone you wish.

Training Programs – Select a turn-key package of DVDs, Instructor Guides and textbooks so you can deliver your own in-person class and really build supportive relationships with families in your community.

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