Chocolate Cake and Training Success

senior-living-feb-2014Few things are as exciting as seeing your name (and passion) in print, at least for someone like me who thrives on talking to people about training.

Thanks to the latest issue of Senior Living Executive, the official publication of the Assisted Living Federation of America, that’s our experience here at IPCed.  In fact, the cover story is the same as the title of this blog and it’s all about training.

I love that the writer, Adam Stone, captures some of the challenges in creating and evaluating a training program.  It’s hard to identify exactly when a training program produces a return on investment (ROI) for the company.  Sometimes it’s hard even to identify when a training program is effective and when you’re just “phoning it in,” as a friend of mine likes to say.

I always tell our customers (and those considering becoming a customer) that a good training program does more than teach facts.  It should change attitudes, perceptions and values, too.  It should, most importantly, change behaviors.  When a training program is working you should be able to see it.  You should be able to watch a caregiver’s interaction with a challenging client, for example, and see that she’s using techniques, words and approaches she’s learned through your training program.  THAT’S a training program that’s working.

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