LGBTQ and the aging population: What you need to know as a care provider today

Domestic Violence

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  In the US, one woman is fatally shot by a spouse, ex-spouse or dating partner every 14 hours. It is a shocking statistic. Domestic Violence affects every demographic and knows no boundary of race, economic status, nationality or sexual orientation, or level of education. Nearly three in ten women and one in ten… Read more »

The 4R’s of Senior Care: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations

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  The 4R’s: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations are truly the pillars of Senior Care. As we examine each “R”, I will do my best to give you practical insights. Some ideas that you can ponder and others ideas that you implement right away. As you may know, my background was in hospitality, hotel management,… Read more »

Blending High Tech and High Touch

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Anne-Lise was a guest speaker for the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) Webinar Series. Here webinar can be found here:

Give the Gift of Caregiver Training

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  I always enjoy those articles that appear in the paper or in magazines this time of year on the topic of “holiday tip guides for the people in your life.”  There are guidelines for holiday giving for your babysitter, nanny, hairdresser, dog groomer, doorman and delivery people.  I’ve read some that suggest that the… Read more »

Family Caregivers Can Find Relief from Stress

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  As National Family Caregiver Month comes to an end, I wanted to talk about something we can all relate to. If you’re like most family caregivers you are likely stressed, overworked, over-scheduled, exhausted and lonely.  You might feel like you’re all alone, doing a job that’s just too big, with no one cheering you… Read more »

Family Caregivers need more from YOU!

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  As this is National Caregivers’ Month, it’s time that you support your local family caregivers with training resources today. Earlier in May this year, AARP ran a blog titled “More can be done to support family caregivers.”  In the blog, AARP executive Nancy LeaMond told the story of Ann, a woman who became an unexpected caregiver for her husband… Read more »