Elder Abuse Alert: What providers need to know in 2017

The 4R’s of Senior Care: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations

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  The 4R’s: Recruiting, Retention, Referrals and Regulations are truly the pillars of Senior Care. As we examine each “R”, I will do my best to give you practical insights. Some ideas that you can ponder and others ideas that you implement right away. As you may know, my background was in hospitality, hotel management,… Read more »

No more excuses in 2016

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  You may have received a postcard in the mail from us with a comic book look and a commonly-heard excuse on the front.  These are excuses why people aren’t in training compliance today. We’ve got some important news for you. Excuses won’t work…when licensing comes around to investigate a compliant from that employee who… Read more »

How to Avoid OSHA Fines

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OSHA has huge incentives to find all sorts of fun ways to write you up and ruin your day. But take a deep breath because there are some great resources available to ensure that your company and employees are all on the same page and well protected from pesky OSHA inspectors and their strict citation. Fees can often be reduced and even waived if you fix a citation voluntarily as soon as possible and communicate with your inspectors.