Boomer Business Summit, 2014 Report


What an exciting opportunity to get a glimpse into trends, innovations and an overall sense of “what’s next” in senior care!

As a first-time participant in this Summit it was exciting to me to see some new innovations and to hear from a variety of high-powered speakers sharing what they’re doing in their organizations to support an aging population with health and wellness-centered products and services.

One theme that recurred throughout:  People want to stay in their homes and get care there when the times comes that they need assistance.  Some will chose to move into assisted living (Google’s presentation shared that this was the #1 search term for all senior care searches) but as many as 10 times the number planning to move will stay at home.  Those folks at home, however, want to stay active, healthy, connected and engaged.  Moreover, they NEED those things to allow them to stay home.

Enter some of the most innovative ideas I heard, and some I’m most excited about sharing in the coming months through our webinar series.  These ideas consist of breaking down the traditional walls of care and expanding the services, socialization and engagement to people who choose to stay at home.  There are exciting opportunities for residential care communities and for home care organizations to work together to make this possible for literally millions of Americans in the next few years.

If you’re interested in learning from some organizations who are already beginning to break down the walls of care, sign up for our webinar series.  You’ll get a taste of the exciting changes to come and how to position your own organization to be on the leading edge of meeting the coming needs.

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