Hire Better

Hire Better

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  If you were one of the 300 or so individuals at my session on reducing turnover at CALA you know that one of the topics we had the most fun with was Technique #3: Hire Better. If you’re hiring this guy, thinking “He’ll clean up OK and I’m sure his heart is in the right… Read more »

Training and Employee Engagement

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  We’ve been talking about employee engagement here quite a bit lately.  You may have listened in on our webinar on June 16 on that topic, presented by two of the best “engagement specialists” on our team here at IPCed. You’ve probably heard me talk about how much engaged employees improve your overall satisfaction ratings… Read more »

Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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  Today, June 15, is Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  According to the Administration on Aging, this day was initiated in 2006 as a day for communities throughout the world to raise awareness of this issue and its effects on the individuals involved. In the world of senior care, elder abuse is something we think about frequently. … Read more »

California’s End of Life Option Act

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  This week marked an interesting turning point in the history of our culture’s relationship to death and dying.  For nearly 39 million people, options at the end of life have expanded to include legally, without the stigma of “suicide” being attached, taking a prescription to end one’s own life.

Family Caregivers need more from YOU!

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  Support your local family caregivers with training resources today Recently, AARP ran a blog titled “More can be done to support family caregivers.”  In the blog, AARP executive Nancy LeaMond told the story of Ann, a woman who became an unexpected caregiver for her husband following a massive stroke.

Senior care at home: reducing or adding to cost?

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  Recently the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, declared that he wanted to move several thousands of individuals covered by Medicaid fund from nursing home environments into home care. Read Article… He determined the savings could add up to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It’s a potential win for the individuals who may… Read more »

Does minimum wage increase mean minimum margins for you?

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  The big headline news in my part of the country recently was this: “It’s Official: [Governor] Kate Brown signs minimum wage bill for $14.75 for Portland. Read News Article… If your employees are like mine, they’re all excited about the raise coming to them immediately (they read the headlines only). In reality, this increase… Read more »

Are your caregivers the ones with all the pins?

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    We have a running debate in our office over an illustration we use frequently in presentations.  The image is of two Home Depot aprons – one without any pins, and one with dozens of pins representing all the different areas of mastery a worker has achieved. The story actually wasn’t mine originally, but… Read more »