Caregivers Don’t Need To Go It Alone

Caregivers Don’t Need To Go It Alone

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  Some days you know that you should just sit down and shut up, because someone else can express exactly what you’re thinking, but in a much clearer way. That’s how I felt today when I came across Jonathan Rauch’s article, Letting Go of My Father, in an archived article from the Atlantic Magazine. Although… Read more »

Free Tools for Family Education

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  November has been officially named Family Caregiver Month! To celebrate, we are excited to offer you some free tools for guiding conversations about health and care with your current and prospective clients and families. They’re Family Education Guides, and they’re available free here compliments of OnCourse Learning, one of the top providers of health… Read more »

Amp up your Referrals by Listening to Families

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  For many years I had the privilege of facilitating a family support group for individuals caring for a loved one with dementia.  Because the group was sponsored by a local community hospital, group members were loyal and very involved, year after year. Over the course of several years, we welcomed individuals into the group… Read more »

IPCed is now part of OnCourse Learning

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I’m very excited to announce that IPCed is now part of the OnCourse Learning family.  This is a good thing for us all.  We keep the best of IPCed:  our office, our existing team, our services, and our leadership.  And we plan to continue running IPCed the way we have always run IPCed – focusing… Read more »

Dementia Training for Law Enforcement — Go for It!

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  I’ve been hearing about it more and more frequently: first responders taking training in working with individuals with dementia.  Today, I ran across a news article that reinforced not only the need but the interest on the part of emergency workers for this type of training. Of course, it got me thinking…what might happen… Read more »

Strengthening the Senior Care Workforce: Mission Critical

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  I’ve been on a speaking mission across the country these last few months, attending and presenting at conferences ranging from Sacramento, California to Orlando, Florida.  At every session, providers mention that their #1 concern is staffing:  attracting good quality applicants (or any applicants at all, in some cases) and keeping their best and brightest… Read more »